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Remote Multidisciplinary Cross-Media Creative Studio




Your name is collected so as to personalise communication, your email address to facilitate that communication and possibly later your mobile number for the same - These details are necessary to correctly identify and perform to specification the job being paid for by you the customer...



If you have questions about your personal data you can view this data at any time and, unsurprisingly, it will be exactly the things that you yourself have provided. If some of the information is wrong, you have the right to correct it. If you’d like to delete any or all of your personal data, you have the right to request it, but it's not recommend that you ask for that before the job is completed. Basic information is definitely needed to be able to work for you AND when you’re done with DrewCreate you can totally dump and delete as required. DrewCreate will normally do the same unless a client wishes to stay in touch or has become a repeat or long term customer, where their data is held as long as we are happily working together.



100% your email will definitely be used to email you regarding the business you hire DrewCreate for. You will not be sent newsletters unless you've joined the mailing list and your email will not be given out to anyone else - it will not be used for any marketing or third party purposes.


Working files and client information are stored on password encrypted hard drives. DrewCreate website and email servers are with a famous and reputable host and security is the primary on-line consideration. Clients can expect and trust in the same for them when dealing with DrewCreate. This applies to photo downloads and any consent given/agreed or requested transfers from secure client areas.


(Dsiclaimer: External links to, for example, social media networks or outside selling sites - These sites are independent of DrewCreate and have their own content, terms and conditions, privacy policies and member/customer accounts and are not connected in any way to DrewCreate).



Independent Advisor: 'Looks good to me..!'

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