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Expand Your Reach

Placing your posts in a busy feed can help you

  • Compete with content marketing that serves your target group

  • Connect to a highly-engaged, motivated & relevant audience

  • Generate fresh interest streams through influencer guidance

  • Gain meaningful exposure that will Increase your web traffic

  • Expand your online presence, reputation & follower base

DrewCreate Helping Small & Medium-Sized Companies Generate New Interest With LinkedIn





How Paid Partnership Works
Sponsored posts are social media posts in which the chosen influencer highlights a brand or product that they have been paid to promote. These ads are often identified in post using a hashtag such as #ad or #sponsored or #sponsored by [+] and on LinkedIn as 'brand partnership'.

Drew of DrewCreate has a large & influential social media presence with a varied audience covering numerous topics and areas of interest. DrewCreate 'paid partnership' posts are specifically for LinkedIn & supplied material appears in Drews professional feed. Whether you would like a one-off, random ad hoc, or frequent posts, you can choose to have your products, services or LinkedIn company pages placed in front of a pre-existing & ever growing network of highly engaged professionals & consumers, already in place to connect with your content.

Put simply - For a small flexible investment you can have your content - ads, info, pics & posts promoted into a dynamic & busy feed adding a fresh, previously untapped stream of possibilities to your brand awareness goals.
Professional profile feed you'll appear in >
  • LinkedIn

| Follow Drew to view activity feed : : 60,000 LinkedIn connections and followers and growing |

Greater Exposure = Further Reach = New Connections = Brand Growth

Payment Options

Digital Asset

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You can offer a DIGITAL asset as your post/s payment

Cash Transfer


€£$ Per Post


A simple budgeting option for one off or multiple posts (paypal)

Crypto Payment

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Based on latest Crypto Rates

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Solana,

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Terms of Service (ToS)

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